a Collection of Racist Fantasies

There is a strong chance you are familiar with, perhaps someone used it as a source on facebook; convinced that they had learned the truth long since suppressed by the MSM/Illuminati/Reptilians.  The name is amusing; GR’s staff would like to think of themselves as a worldwide team, with a network of informers, lashing out at globalism/capitalism/yankee imperialism/*insert cliche here* in reality its mostly like a group of arts majors publishing any fiction, no matter how racist, that advances their anti-Western hate speech.

Rwanda Genocide Denial

“That expert truck’s a coming, moving them experts up and down.”

-Mr. Show

GR is described as “as a think tank on crucial economic and geopolitical issues” that supports “humanitarian projects”, when GR’s about page was written there probably wasn’t a dry eye left in the basement; these people are really moved at the thought of their own self perceived nobility. In reality GR supports some of the worst hatred currently festering on this planet, they openly promote Rwanda genocide denial. So-called experts include Peter Erlinder who believes that “the tragedy that engulfed Rwanda in 1994 may not properly be called a ‘genocide’ at all.” GR also features at least one article written by Christopher Black, who has defended genocidaires in court and denies the Rwanda and Bosnian genocides as well as the existence of AIDS.

“A French judge has issued arrest warrants for nine close aides of Rwandan President Paul Kagame, in relation to the shooting down of the plane carrying Rwanda’s former president Jouvenal Habyarimana in 1994.”

The country that armed and collaborated with Hutu mass murders? That France?

“French judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere has accused Kagame of ordering the shooting down of the plane, which contributed to triggering the 1994 ethnic massacres and genocide.”

The identity of Habyarimana’s murderer remains a mystery; GR is taking an accusation based on oral sources and treating it as if it’s fact.

“Below are selected excerpts of my May 2000 article entitled Installing a US Protectorate in Central Africa, which documents Paul Kagame’s role in the shooting down of the plane and the events which led up to the Genocide.”

GR’s political stance is a form of alchemy; rumors become fact, racists become experts and the ramblings of a tedious far left hate monger is transmuted into “documentation.”

“From the outset of the Rwandan civil war in 1990, Washington’s hidden agenda consisted in establishing an American sphere of influence in a region historically dominated by France and Belgium. America’s design was to displace France by supporting the Rwandan Patriotic Front and by arming and equipping its military arm, the Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA)”

No evidence it presented to back up this fantasy, which makes William Cooper’s most hilarious moments seem restrained, the US response to Rwanda was essentially to ignore it; that is not the behavior of a conquerer. It is also worth pointing out that the premise puts France on the defensive, almost making the French government into victims (presto chango).

“The 1994 Rwandan “genocide” served strictly strategic and geopolitical objectives.”

The sentence above, you can almost see the author’s sneer, is blatant racism; this cannot be explained away as simple criticism of the US,  the American policy towards Rwanda is material for a damning critique

“The ethnic massacres were a stumbling blow to France’s credibility which enabled the US to establish a neocolonial foothold in Central Africa.”

Instead of condeming the French collusion with genocidaires GR turns the French government into victims of a fictional conspiracy.

“From a distinctly Franco-Belgian colonial setting, the Rwandan capital Kigali has become –under the expatriate Tutsi led RPF government– distinctly Anglo-American. English has become the dominant language in government and the private sector.”

None of that is proof of a conspiracy to take over Rwanda; Michael might as well cite popularity of  British television in the US as “proof” that the UK secretly took over America! Michael has not explained why the US would want to take over Rwanda which was extremely limited natural resources.

“The Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) functions in English and Kinyarwanda, the University previously linked to France and Belgium functions in English. While English had become an official language alongside French and Kinyarwanda, French political and cultural influence will eventually be erased. Washington has become the new colonial master of a francophone country.”

The popularity of English in Rwanda is not proof of that Washington is the “colonial master” of the country; history contains many examples of nations taking up new languages for varying reasons.

Support for North Korea

Not content to sympathize with people who slowly dismembered children on the basis of their ethnicity GR also supports one of the leading slave states.

The article above is a masterpiece of distortion; it opens with a Che quote (because we should value the opinions of mass murdering racists) describing North Korea as a “model.”

“North Korea is a country that is alternately reviled and ridiculed.”

Can the author give us a single reason why North Korea should not be mocked?

“Its leader, Kim Jong-il, is demonized by the right”

I am a life long student of mythology; demons or daemons could in fact be good or evil, frankly an actual demon would be preferable to a deified psychopath.

“Kim is declared to be insane, though no one can say what evidence backs this diagnosis up. It’s just that everyone says he is, so he must be.”

What evidence? Oh just about every news story featuring North Korea.

“If Kim had Che’s smoldering good looks he may have become a leftist icon, leader of “the one remaining, self-proclaimed top-to-bottom alternative to neo-liberalism and globalization,”

“I may vomit.”

-Sheridan Whiteside

“While many people can recite the anti-north Korea catechism – garrison state, hermit kingdom, international pariah – they’ll admit that what they know about the country, apart from the comic book caricatures dished up by the media, is fuzzy and vague.”

No apologist is complete without the author trying to present himself as the sole source of factual information on the topic at hand. It is interesting that he brings up comic books since the North Korean propaganda claims that Kim has ability to control the weather.

“As early as 1949, Anna Louise Strong could write that “there is little public knowledge about the country and most of the headlines distort rather than reveal the facts.”

That is an opinion from someone who spent her worthless joke of an existence supporting tyranny, all Stephen proves that he can extend a virtual arm into the bowels of cyberspace and pull up someone that shares  whatever worthless cause he has taken up in a futile attempt to convince himself that he is to quote Warren Ellis “worth two tugs of a dead dog’s cock.”

“Cumings dismisses US press reports on north Korea as “uninformative, unreliable, often sensationalized” and as deceiving, not educational.”

An opinion not a fact; the far left is its faith, complete with a clergy that can confirm what is true in their bizarre world.

“One of the reasons the headlines distort, even today, especially today, can be summed up in a syllogism.”

GR’s alchemy is at work again; if North Korea has bad press it must be the fault of a conspiracy! No need for evidence!

“The DPRK condones neither free trade, free enterprise nor free entry of US capital. Were it allowed to thrive, it would provide a counter-example to US-enforced neo-liberalism, a model other countries might follow, a model revolutionaries, like Che, have found inspiration in.”

Now we have moved from opinion dressed up as fact to alternate history; oh well at least it’s a change from “what if the nazis won?”

“The headlines deceive, rather than educate, because north Korea is against the interests of those who shape them.”

Once again, there are no facts; just a conspiracy theory that smacks of anti-Semitism.

“My perspective is not that of the mainstream or of the investors, bankers and wealthy families who, in multifarious ways, define it.”

You can just tell he thinks of himself as a sort of Galileo.

“I am not for subjugating north Korea”

Yet he supports  a regime that has enslaved Koreans.

“I do not believe that Kim Jong-il is insane.”

If you are like Stephen facts are second to belief.

“The insanity slur is a way of giving some substance to the perfectly ludicrous claim that north Korea is a danger to the world. It is not.”

Fact count: 0. The idea that a slave state with a nuclear arsenal is as harmless as a small town in Kansas is an actual ludicrous claim.

“The only threat north Korea poses is the threat of a potential self-defense to long-standing US plans to dominate the Korean peninsula from one end to the other.”

The fact count has entered into negative numbers; Stephen has no evidence to support his claim, to do the US would have to go to war with North Korea, then South Korea, pay millions in aid and rebuild the infrastructure, no sane person would want to rule Korea it would be a burden not an asset.

“Japan colonized Korea in 1910. For the next 35 years Korea became a source of immense profits for Japanese industrialists and financiers, extracted in the blood and suffering of Koreans. Numberless Koreans were forcibly shipped to Japan as forced laborers or as sexual slaves known as “comfort women.” But Japan could not plunder the peninsula alone. It had the help of wealthy Korean landowners and industrialists, who, just as they had found favor with their Japanese masters, would find favor with the US occupation government and later fill key positions in the south Korean state.”

This a crude attempt to falsify Korean history in order to portray the South Koreans as sellout toadies and the North Koreans as bold heroes; the US should watch out! They have not seen the last of the North Korean resisty (a better than ‘democratic people’s republic of North Korea)! Stephen goes onto portray South Korea as consisting entirely of former Japanese collaborators as opposed to the North Koreans (Stephen’s premise is similar to the DPRK’s obsession with purity) he ignores that collaborators were among the ranks of both sides. I don’t the time or the patience to go through every sentence; even if by some miracle Stephen’s revisionist view of Korean history was correct that does not justify the DPRK’s policies.

“Cumings notes that “for nearly four decades (south Korea was) run by military officers and bureaucrats who served the same Japanese masters that Kim and his friends spent a decade fighting in the 1930s.”

I cover Cummings shortly; here he parrots the North Korean myth of Kim as “heroic liberator.”

“It was also a conflict between national liberation and neo-colonialism.”

Yes you read that correctly; Stephen believes that North Koreans were fighting for “liberation” Stephen has penned a piece of propaganda worthy of the DPRK. Stephen attempts to portray it as a local affair, reality once again gets in the way of his moronic fantasies.

“You’ve just finished your life’s work, a bold new history of the Watergate burglary in which you manage to prove that the White House was out of the loop, but the ink is hardly dry when an eighteen-minute tape surfaces in a Yorba Linda thrift shop, and soon the whole country is listening to Nixon gangsta-rap about how he personally jimmied the door open. It’s every revisionist’s nightmare, but Bruce Cumings, a history professor at the University of Chicago, has come closest to living it. In a book concluded in 1990 he argued that the Korean War started as “a local affair,” and that the conventional notion of a Soviet-sponsored invasion of the South was just so much Cold War paranoia. In 1991 Russian authorities started declassifying the Soviet archives, which soon revealed that Kim Il Sung had sent dozens of telegrams begging Stalin for a green light to invade, and that the two met in Moscow repeatedly to plan the event. Initially hailed as “magisterial,” The Origins of the Korean War soon gathered up its robes and retired to chambers. The book was such a valuable source of information on Korea in the 1940s, however, that many hoped the author would find a way to fix things and put it back into print.

Instead Cumings went on to write an account of postwar Korea that instances the North’s “miracle rice,” “autarkic” economy, and prescient energy policy (an “unqualified success”) to refute what he calls the “basket-case” view of the country. With even worse timing than its predecessor, Korea’s Place in the Sun (1997) went on sale just as the world was learning of a devastating famine wrought by Pyongyang’s misrule. The author must have wondered if he was snakebit. But now we have a new book, in which Cumings likens North Korea to Thomas More’s Utopia, and this time the wrongheadedness seems downright willful; it’s as if he were so tired of being made to look silly by forces beyond his control that he decided to do the job himself. At one point in North Korea: Another Country (2004) we are even informed that the regime’s gulags aren’t as bad as they’re made out to be, because Kim Jong Il is thoughtful enough to lock up whole families at a time.”

Bruce Cummings believes that North Koreans do not care about freedom, this is remarkably similar to how Washington attempted to justify slavery.

“It’s significant, though rarely remarked upon, that the aerial bombing of civilians has been the characteristic mode of warfare employed by imperialist powers, and since the Second World War, by the United States. The first significant use of aerial bombing was by the British Labor government in 1924, against Iraqi villages. (7) The Nazi’s bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War ushered in the massive bombing campaigns of Germany, Britain and the United States in World War II. And since World War II, the United States has dropped ton after ton of explosives on civilian areas. During its “police action” in Korea, the US dropped more bombs than all the bombs dropped in Europe during World War II on both sides. And US warplanes dropped more napalm on Koreans than they did later on Vietnamese.”

Stephen does not bother to back up his attempts to turn the DPRK into a victim with any facts; his sources are fellow apologists. He pretends as if North Korean war crimes simply did not occur.

“Laying aside the war years and the three-year period of recovery that followed, north Korea grew at a faster pace than the south from the 1940’s to the mid-60s. So impressed was Che Guevera after a visit to Pyongyang, he declared north Korea to be a model to which Cuba should aspire.”

The fact that Stephen admires Che, a complete failure as a Human being, gives us some insight into his mind or lack thereof.

“US officials were greatly concerned about south Korea’s economy, which lagged far behind, raising doubts about the merits of Washington’s right-wing, pro-capitalist, neo-colonial project in Korea.”

South Korea is portrayed as “neo-colonial” yet North Korea, despite its reliance on the USSR is depicted as independent. Stephen presents North Korea as economically vibrant; let’s assume this is true (it requires Peter Pan levels of imagination), he ignores Human rights violations and besides history contains examples of prosperous monarchies and theocracy, yet that does not legitimize theocracy or monarchy. Stephen goes on to label South Korea as “fascist” and (of course) compares it to nazi Germany; the double standard is interesting, anyone pointing out the obvious about North Korea is “demonizing” Koreans yet Stephen thinks it is fine to compare South Korea to Hitler’s regime. He cites South Korean Human rights abuses while ignoring North Korea’s human rights record which is infinitely worse.

“Having spared no effort to disrupt these countries’ efforts to build non-exploitative, prosperous and independent societies; having blocked essential goods from reaching them; and having imposed upon them the necessity of shouldering crippling defense expenditures, they present the inevitable economic difficulties as proof of mismanagement and the inherent inadequacies of revolutionary socialism.”

Stephen attempts to place the failure of communism on Western shoulders; his opinion of North Koreans seems be influenced by the DPRK view of Koreans as children, Stephen’s lies do not measure up to fact, the US cannot be blamed for the Ukrainian famine which drove people to cannibalism,

“the holocaust the United States delivered upon it under a UN flag in the early 50s”

A certain piece of pond scum named Stephen Gowans reveals how low he sink; exploiting the Holocaust to defend one of the worst regimes in existence is racist and anti-Semitic.

‘North Korea has fought for, indeed, has formalized, what those on the left profess to hold dear: economic justice, equality, rights for women, freedom from domination by outside powers.”

Stephen is lying but then again anyone who takes GR seriously enjoys being lied to.

Bosnian Genocide Denial

The far left seems very pro-Muslim at first glance; even if most of them do not understand the distinction between “palestinian” and “Muslim”, however the left has a history of supporting/denying the genocide Muslim Bosniaks, I haven’t seen a single leftist site that did not contain at lest one pro-Chetnik article. GR’s take on Bosnia is an assault on reality and an embrace of undiluted racism. One article:

*Compares Serbian fascists to David.

*Argues that it was perfectly okay for Serbian fascists to commit genocide against Muslim due to the “400 years of Serb suffering under the occupation of the “Turks” of the Ottoman Empire” which is not only a distortion of history but an example of a stone age mentality that no honest person can progressive.

*Describes the people of Sarajevo as “Islamists.”

*Claims that Serbian fascists were not aggressors but were in fact fighting terrorists; this from a spectrum of the left which routinely complains about Muslims being associated with terrorism and claims that the RS will “be under the yoke of Muslims.”

*Denies the mass rape campaign, somehow that doesn’t seem humanitarian.

*Promotes the fantasy that Alija Izetbegovic was trying to form an Islamic theocracy, Hamas is obviously theocratic, something I can prove without selective quotes, yet that has not deterred GR from supporting the palestinian cause.

*Accuses anti-fascists Serbs of “selling out to the west” ignoring that the West stacked the odds in favor of Serbian fascists with the arms embargo and gave Serbian fascists the greatest amount of Bosnian land.

“Evidence, that a mass-execution of up to 8,000 Muslims following the takeover by Bosnian Serb forces in Srebrenica had ever taken place, has never materialized.”

This nothing but a complete lie; actually calling it a lie is an understatement.

“Inspired by the ad hoc tribunal set up in The Hague to punish (Serb) war crimes during the Bosnian Civil War”

The idea that is was an “anti-Serb kangaroo court” simply isn’t true they convicted Rasim Delic and failed to go after  Veljko Kadijevic.

“Those were 15 years of heavy propaganda about an alleged execution of 7,000 to 8,000 Muslims.”

GR spits in the faces of decency, reality and true progressive values; it is difficult to respond to such hate speech, since it lacks any actual arguments than simple denial.

“To date, all those who have claimed that a mass execution had taken place, have been unable to prove it. Yet the appeal gratuitously admits that the alleged mass execution had happened, even seeking – if not to justify – at least to relativize the importance of what they assume to have taken place.”

“General Krstic, the crimes of which you stand accused are based on the events which occurred following the attack of the Serbian forces on the town of Srebrenica in July 1995. Srebrenica – the name of a town which has become synonymous with the conflict which devastated the former Yugoslavia. It is a name which immediately calls to mind thousands of people subjected to siege, famine and deprivation of everything – even water and time to breathe. The name of an enclave which the United Nations declared a safe area and which fell almost without a shot being fired. Srebrenica – a name which conjures up images one would prefer not to see: women, children and old people forced to climb into buses leaving for destinations unknown; men separated from their families, stripped of their belongings, men fleeing, men taken prisoner, men never to be seen again, men who would be found – but not always – dead, corpses piled up in mass graves; corpses with their hands tied or their eyes blind-folded – frequently; dismembered corpses as well; unidentified corpses … corpses. Srebrenica is also a name for a post-traumatic syndrome, the syndrome displayed by the women, children and old people who did not die and who, ever since July 1995, six years now, still have no news of their husbands and sons, fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers. Thousands of amputated lives six years later, robbed of the affection and love of their kin now reduced to ghosts who return to haunt them day after day, night after night. The Trial Chamber was presented with a great deal of evidence which could be called impressive…. In July 1995, General Krstic, you agreed to evil. This is why the Trial Chamber convicts you today and sentences you to 46 years in prison.”

“Fifteen years ago, there was such a deluge of propaganda that only very few attempted to go back upstream to examine the evidence of a mass execution at the story’s source.”

The basement headquarters of GR must have been deprived of oxygen for hours after ever staff member inhaled swiftly at the thought of how they were going to “expose the truth”, who needs credentials, facts, investigations when you have hyberole?

“Hakija Meholjic, former president of the (Muslim) Social Democratic Party in Srebrenica, who served as police chief, was one of Srebrenica’s delegates in September 1993 to his party’s congress in Sarajevo. After the war, in an interview to the journal Dani, he recounted what Alia Itzetbegovic had told his delegation before the congress began: “You know, I [Izetbegovic] was offered by [US President Bill] Clinton in April 1993 (…) that [if] the Chetnik forces enter Srebrenica, carry out a slaughter of 5,000 Muslims, (…) there will be a [NATO-US] military intervention.” [3]

Though the Srebrenica delegates turned down the offer, this provides an indication of what was needed to sway Western public opinion into accepting a NATO intervention in the Bosnian Civil War on the Muslim/Croat side against the Serbs. The Clinton and Izetbegovic governments had already the idea of a “Srebrenica massacre,” even before Serb forces had marched into Srebrenica, to lock Bosnian Serbs into a strategic position where they could only accept terms dictated by the West.”

Anyone can regurgitate anecdotes, a story to GR tops investigations and eye witnesses.

“August 10, 1995, in the midst of the Croat “Operation Storm” against the Krajina Serb population – the largest ethnic cleansing operation of the period carried out with US official and mercenary assistance – US Ambassador to the United Nations, Madeleine Albright, hijacked a closed session of the UN Security Council, which was about to open a discussion on Croatia’s “Operation Storm.” Albright showed aerial surveillance photos purporting to show that Bosnian Serb troops “committed wide-scale atrocities against Muslim civilians” in the aftermath of the July 12 takeover of Srebrenica. She was not more precise than to say “wide-scale atrocities against Muslim civilians.” When the NY Times, the following day, reported on Albright’s peep-show, the journal noted: “Ms. Albright’s presentation today came as thousands of Serbian refugees fled their homes after a Croatian military offensive, carried out with tacit American approval, overran an area of Croatia previously held by rebel Serbs.””

Where to begin? First of all Operation Storm was not the “largest ethnic cleansing” the worst ethnic cleansing was the Serb assault on Bosnia which resulted in nearly two million refugees. Lastly it was not even ethnic cleansing; the Krajina officials evacuated civilians from land that they had no right to inhabit, if I was invaded a man’s home, killed him and expelled his relatives I, and my family, would be expelled from that house no matter how many children I had with.

‘While making her presentation to the Security Council, Albright was already preparing political and public opinion for the fact that there would be no evidence to back up her claims.”

Fact? GR, not content to assault the people of Bosnia, mutilates the English language.

“In Rohde’s “eyewitness” account there was nothing that indicates that the author had actually been in Srebrenica. The article is illustrated with archive photos.There were no photographs of the things he claimed to have seen. Had Rohde written the article in a hotel room or a bar in Zagreb?”

Whether or not Rohde went to Bosnia or not is irrelevant; the Srebrenica genocide was witnessed by countless survivors, the author goes on to claim that Rhode was a CIA agent.

“Soon after Bosnian Serb forces took over Srebrenica, the Hague Tribunal brought new charges of “crimes against humanity” and “genocide” against the Bosnian Serb leadership, based on the false information spread in the UN Security Council and by the media. For the US government, the main objective was to block these Serb leaders from participating in the peace negotiations in preparation at that time and to pressure them to leave active politics in Bosnia Herzegovina.”

The same peace negotiations that were slanted in favor of the Serbs? To wade through this cesspool of lies (claims that the Srebrenica genocide was actually a “hoax” carried out by a German conspiracy for example) requires vast patience which I simply do not possess. Any honest individual does not have to cover every sentence to see that is a thinly veiled hate site with no intellectual value and terrible prose.  GR’s feeble statement that their toilet paper articles “are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Centre for Research on Globalization” is meaningless; almost every article supports some form of anti-Western hate, a consistent pattern. The moderators either agree with the screeds they accept or they simply post anything; in any case GR is a worthless source.

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  1. Neretva - River In Peril Says:

    These people ( hijacked what is, in many ways, valid, reasonable and justifiable concerns with mindless and blind run into processes of globalization – that’s driving me mad angry and really worry’s me. People will believe anything they say as long as they maintain their false attention and preoccupation with common cause which is anti-globalization.

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