Loonwatch Supports Another Anti-Semite

I’m far from a fan of Daniel Pipes, he has no credibility as evidenced by his support for fascist lunatics like Robert Spencer. Its very easy to criticize Pipes; so there’s excuse for how loonwatch copied and pasted an article by anti-Semite Franklin Lamb, along with a link to the hate site electronic intifada.


Who is Lamb? A google search shows that Lamb is involved with the neo-nazi website ‘veterans today’ which represents vets as much as one million moms represents mothers; its a vile site featuring holocaust denial and other related material; either LW has no problem with that or they can’t bother to do basic research or my bet: both. Lamb is a supporter of Hezbollah, the Iranian and 911 truthers, he appeared on Presstv to say that ““Ahmadinejad is absolutely rational and correct on this, that the American people are now coming to the point of demanding an international inquiry into 911″ both and neo-nazi Gordon Duff interviewed and praised Kevin Barrett of Muslims for 9/11 Truth.  Franklin also wrote a “tribute to Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah” which he praises using language that makes a princess di memorials seem subtle; in reality Fadlallah was a member of Hezbollah who held nazi views.  What’s next will loonwatch use David Duke (whose views differe little from Lamb’s) as a source?

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3 Responses to “Loonwatch Supports Another Anti-Semite”

  1. mah29001 Says:

    Who would have guessed the ironic name of LoonWatch, as if it’s like they’re loons themselves. They Tweeted about how it’s okay to go after “Israeli Firsters”.

  2. piratekingray Says:

    Uh Electronic Intifada anti semite? provide facts. Also, it’s possibly more of “broken clock is right twice a day.”

  3. piratekingray Says:

    Oh and they’ve also taken care to praise judaism as well and differentiate zionism (which is racism by its very nature just like nationalism)

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